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Power Up

December 4, 2016

Taking a break from the Marilyn Monroe series for a while on the blog, since winter/freezing-till-you-can't-feel-your-hands-anymore is upon us.  I've been living and studying in London for almost 3 months now and the weather here gives ample options to layer up, which is an exciting prospect considering how December in Bangalore is more of a light breeze/19 degree nights. 


When it comes to looking for the perfect coat, one usually thinks of black, nude or even grey colours, probably because they go with almost everything. However I find that bright, solid colours make for interesting choices as outerwear because they lift up the entire outfit, and considering the bleak weather here in London, that's something we all need! This red faux fur coat is dangerously beautiful and definitely stands a loud and fun choice for those up for it. 






I've not included any accessories mostly because the coat itself is huge and adding anything else anywhere would be a bit over the top. With college assignment deadlines coming up, I'm going to be lagging behind with posts, please bear with me x 


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