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Playing Paparazzi @LFW

March 6, 2017

Last month, I played the photographer (for once) at London Fashion Week! I went to the Tate Modern where the Topshop Unique show was scheduled to take place, and it was swarming with people dressed to kill, wearing funky patterns, loud accessories and feminist slogans. It was my first time in the midst of such craziness, so many photographers running behind guests, trying to get that perfect shot. In the beginning I was kind of just watching, amused to the fullest, thinking to myself- I'm definitely not running after anyone to get a picture of their orange heels or embellished skirt. Yupp, that thought quickly vanished, and in the next ten minutes you could see me doing exactly what I thought I wouldn't, because it was just impossible to see beautiful boots and not take a picture. Or catch a glance of odd words written on a bag and not urge myself to get into some awkward position to get a particular angle. All in all, it was definitely one hell of an experience.



















The highlight of the day had to be spotting LEANDRA MEDINE from ManRepeller!!! I proceeded to fangirl, whilst clicking away her face/outfit of course. It was completely worth the aching feet I woke up with the next day, and to think that there are people who do this for a whole month (twice a year), before/after every show is insane.  I can't wait to bring out the camera and get snapping at the next London Fashion Week. Thank you for reading, and have a lovely week x


Photography and post processing by moi 


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